Squirrel & Rat Removal Orlando FL

What’s that noise in the attic?  Odds are it’s either Squirrels – Rats or mice.  Here in Florida these uninvited guests have taken up residence in your attic area under your very roof. 

Squirrel & Rat Removal – Control  Repairs – Cleanup – Rodent Prevention

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These little critters can and will cause damage to your home.  Gnawing on wires and through the various roofing structures.  Scratching on ceiling and walls.  In fact they may be breeding and nesting in the insulation. The heath risk and dropping are a vital concern as well.

Don’t worry we can help!  We offer Fast Easy Inspections – call Today

  1. We will inspect your entire house and building.
  2. Completely seal up / repair any and all entry points
  3. Then we will trap any critters and remove them from your home
  4. Clean up and sanitize as if they were never there.

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